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Founded by August Sauer

Renewed by Hans Pyritz

Edited by JAN STANDKE and DIRK WERLE, in conjunction with Barbara Beßlich, Timo Felber, Sonja Klimek, Maurizio Pirro and Kathryn Starkey

Senior Editor: Wolfgang Adam

Publication: 4 issues a year
Number of pages: 480 pp
ISSN: 0014-2328
eISSN: 2698-4857

Euphorion has been founded in 1894 and addresses as “Zeitschrift für Literaturgeschichte” the whole range of German philology. At least one issue per year is saved for the German medieval studies.

Primary goal of this paper is to classify literary works regarding the historical social context of their origin, to describe the aesthetic dimension of a work, and to analyse the history of reception. Euphorion especially desires to include studies that involve comparative and interdisciplinary questions. The journal gives space to the scholarly controversy and continuously offers a panel for historical and academic presentations.

The journal does not include book reviews.

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